Since more then three decades the founder mag.iur. Besnik Z. Nikqi has been constantly involved in insurance claims activities and has furthermore released several on-topic publications. In 1990 he established his company IIC Assistance Prishtina with the main focus on loss adjusting, beeing the first company in this specific field in South Eastern Europe.

Eversince our chief activity was to offer specialized services regarding the green card motor insurance and recourse claims.

In 2002 IIC Assistance was nominated by UNMIK and appointed by CBK (Central Bank of Kosovo) as a CSO (Claims Servicing Office) in accordance with the CoB Bruxelles decision for a temporary solution regarding Kosovo within the International Green Card System.

Despite the bad conditions for businesses in Kosovo and balkan region during the recent past, IIC Assistance has managed to develop and grow. Due to the demands of European insurers for experienced and trustworthy accompaniment, the company expanded its activities of claims insurance services to the neighbouring countries Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. For all of these countries, as in Kosovo, we can rely on a network of approved multi-lingual claims professionals - lawyers, medical specialists, claim adjusters and surveyors.

IIC Assistance is proud to have helped many aggrieved parties to their rights in thousands of claims and to have successfully settled recourse claims for most of the big European insurers and social insurers.



With today's rapid growth of the road traffic, as a motorist one must accept the possibility being involved in a car accident. Most of the traffic accidents result in material damage, but there are many accidents involving personal injury as well. Despite the numerous problems that arise from the accident, we are ... READ MORE


> Insurance Claims Handling of all kinds: domestic and international
> Filing of claims: direct or recourses /subrogated
> Investigation of facts and circumstances of insurance cases
> Legal assessment of facts, advising, support and assistance in insurance and all other indemnity cases

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